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Restaurant is a kind of service that sells prepared food, typically over a table or counter and delivered to the customer by waiters or waitresses. It can be in the form of short order cook-cooked dishes.


Restaurants are restaurants, where people eat and drink at “restaurant” to have good time with family and friends for drink, food and talk about something that do not forget in their life.


Also it’s fun to eat new food every day after work when you’re too tired from your work.


Restaurants are very useful for people who do not want to cook. They can get food from restaurants. Restaurants are good for tourists because it’s easier for them to find local foods, meet other tourist and talk with them.

Good For Business


It’s also suitable for businessmen and woman because they can take one or two clients from another country with them to the restaurants, where they can have fun, Don’t need to pay much money to go out anywhere, and help them grow their business networks in other countries as well.


Also is useful for students who have lot of work to do and want to get a rest. Also for families with children, because they can spend time with their family after work or school. They can go out for dinner at restaurants and watch TV with them or play games with them in their free time.
Restaurants are different from fast food that does not take long time to make food from point A to point B but takes long time to cook. It takes less time to make fast food because of the "fast food" workers who cook in a very short time.
Restaurants is a kind of business that has 3 parts, buying and selling ingredients and equipment, preparing the food which may include cooking or baking and providing service. All of these things have different meaning in terms of food preparation . It's not easy to understand because we can only see one part from the big picture.
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