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Market Your Restaurant

Go on Social Media

Even if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you should use it to get the word out about your restaurant. You can also create blogs that talk about what’s new on the menu and if any new specials are coming up or old specials that will be discontinued because they’ve been replaced with something new. Post them on your Facebook and Twitter, and even your blog site.

Flyers and Cards

Send out flyers to local businesses and your customers. Ask them if they would like to give their customers a 10% discount card. They can hand these out when they do business, which will get people in the door more often. You can even have your gift card that people can hand out to someone else or use on themselves, so they always have something good nearby, even when they’re not at home!


If you interview on a local or cable channel, or if you’re interviewed for the local newspaper, people will hear about your restaurant. Make sure the interviewer knows what to say about your restaurant and that it sounds good and not deceiving, then let them go with it. You might even want to make up several different interviews so that they say other things but are accurate to the fundamental nature of your restaurant.

Offer Discounts

Sell Food

Restaurants are businesses that sell food to people. People will go to restaurants whether or not they are located near them. But how do you market your restaurant so that people will come in and buy your food? Here are a few tips for getting the word out about your perfect place for dinner.

Discounts & Samples

Offer discounts to your customers to get them in the door more often. You can also make coupons that they can get from their favorite businesses, and it will attract people to try them out.
People want to know what kind of food you serve before deciding if they're going to eat there. Offer free samples of your food, and they might come back more often.
These are restaurants where people gather to enjoy coffee or tea. These cafes can offer some small meals and drinks that can be consumed while sitting down, or they may also be fast-food style.
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